Inclusive Fair Usage Policy

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  • Portfolio includes all utilities in the nightly rate, however the following fair usage policy will apply for energy usage. This is to ensure that your energy usage is not excessive and stays within reasonable allowances. The allowances are generous and guests are unlikely to exceed these limits if they are sensible with your energy usage.

  • Where a booking is for less than 30 nights, these figures will be calculated accordingly for the length of stay. 

  • If the guest exceed these limits, Portfolio reserves the rights to pass the bills on to the guest and or the booker to pay in full or to pay a percentage. Portfolio also reserve the right to apply a supplemental charge to cover the amount by which you exceeded the allowances. Portfolio also reserves the right to charge additional administration fees and late payment fees as per our terms and conditions. 


Anything above the following usage would classed as excessive: 

1 Bedroom Apartments: 400 kWh pcm

2 Bedroom Apartments: 500 kWh pcm

The average electricity per month in UK households is approximately 2900 kWh annually (241 kWh ppm)

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