Is Hertfordshire The New Hollywood

Hertfordshire has been a hub for film and television production for many years now, with blockbuster movies such as Harry Potter and Saving Private Ryan being filmed in the county. The established Elstree and Leavsden studios are just a stone’s throw from London and the area has become a hotbed for the industry, mainly since Leavesden was created in a disused aero engine factory in 1995 for the James Bond film Goldeneye


Now in 2022, With Sky’s ambitious new 32 acre development, and Sunset Studios planning a 700 million studio complex in Broxbourne, there can be no doubt that Hertfordshire can live up to its reputation as the Hollywood of the UK.


Relocating to Hertfordshire


Sunset Studios at Theobalds Park in Broxbourne is set to become Hertfordshire’s third major production facility alongside Warner Brothers at Leavesden and Elstree Studios, Borehamwood. The project’s backers, investment firm Blackstone and Hudson Pacific Properties have claimed that more than 4,500 permanent jobs would be created.


Sky’s new studios in Elstree are also set to boost local employment, with 2,000 new jobs being created, alongside an expected £3bn production investment in the UK production sector within the first five years. 


With an influx of skilled workers moving to the area, as well as contractors on temporary projects, Portfolio are pleased to offer our stunning serviced apartments for anyone needing temporary accommodation in Hertfordshire.


All of our locations, including Stevenage, St Albans and Welwyn Garden City, are ideal for production teams working in the area, and have even been used as locations for Blockbuster movies themselves. ‘Wonka’ starring Timothée Chalamet and Rowan Atkinson was recently filmed on location in St Albans; & parts of the hit film Shaun of the Dead were made in Welwyn Garden City.


Moving to a new location, whether on a temporary or permanent basis is tough, and that’s where we come in to help. We ensure that our serviced apartments provide the stability of temporary accommodation and offer a home away from home during this crucial time. You may need a short term rental apartment while working on a six month production for example, and you’ll find a serviced apartment a lot more comfortable than staying in a hotel. 


Alternatively, if you are undertaking a permanent relocation to Hertforshire our serviced apartments can provide an ideal short term base while you establish yourself in the area, as you settle into a job and look for a long term family home and local schools.


There is no doubt that the increased investment within the media industry is an exciting prospect for Hertfordshire, and Portfolio Serviced Accommodation are pleased to provide our services for any permanent or temporary relocations to the Hollywood of the UK.